Tuesday, March 3, 2009

#2--World War Z, by Max Brooks

Ok, I love me a good zombie movie.

Hell, I love me a bad zombie movie.

I had been aware of the Zombie Survival Guide for some time, and I occasionally saw a copy of it around somewhere and thought, "I need to get a copy of that and read it." It still hasn't happened, but it eventually will. I first heard about World War Z thanks to vague references to the Battle of Yonkers on Fark threads. That alone was enough to get my attention, but the favorable reviews that I started reading sealed the deal and I ordered a copy.

I really enjoyed stringing together the interviews in order to really flesh out the history of the zombie outbreak. It was a device that I think could easily have fallen flat, but was carried off with a kind of skill and style I envy. Some of it was definitely chilling (WTF happened to North Korea?!), and some of the stories had the ring of reading real history instead of fiction.

Still, this was never a book I had trouble putting down. I read it on lunch breaks at work, and when my time was up, I didn't mind dropping it and getting back to work. I wasn't devising methods to keep reading it without the boss noticing. I wasn't squirming around waiting for the next bit. I didn't grab it to read more as soon as I got home.

And, honestly, the ending kind of fell flat. I think it ended how it had to--how it would if it were a real history. I have no suggestions for what should be changed.

I just think it's a book I could have happily checked out from the library and never thought about again. It's not one I need on my shelf to revisit occasionally, though I'm glad I have it to offer to friends to read. I am glad I read it once.

Next up: Twilight

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