Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still Not Out of the Woods

Keegan is still not well, but he's doing better now than he was yesterday. That damned lump is still there, but it's moved, which hopefully means it's a bowel obstruction and not a tumor or something worse. The stupid ultrasound is so broken that they're getting a new one, which won't arrive for days--and hopefully, this will be resolved and Keegan will be home before it gets here.

After being on fluids for more than 24 hours, Keegan is back up to fighting weight. His skin isn't hanging loose, and his eyes are looking better. His poor nose is so dry that it cracked, though.

He was drooling, and he threw up on me while I was holding him. The vet said it was because he was nauseated, and they're going to try some new medication that maybe won't make him so miserable. He kept wiggling and trying to get out of my lap, and I kept telling him he couldn't do that. He finally gave up and peed in my lap. Showed me.

The plus side to that, of course, is that his kidneys are fine.

They're going to check his blood work again tomorrow, and hopefully his liver will be looking better. They've been giving the poor boy enemas, so here's hoping that'll be all he'll need to get better.

I stayed home from work today because I was terrified of being too far away. I'm going to go back to sit with him tonight, and again tomorrow as soon as I get off of work.

Today I took my current book with me to read, and I'll take it tonight, too. It helps me stay for longer, and I think it gives Keegan more of a sense of normalcy. If he isn't trying to sit between me and my computer, he's coming between me and a book.

If you've been lighting a candle/saying a prayer/keeping him in your thoughts, he still needs whatever positive energy or thoughts you can send him, and I can't express how deeply I appreciate it. Sphynx, Anna, Bohemian Empress, anyone else...thank you so very much.

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wisdomofmoo said...

You're welcome, sweetie :) You know we love you, and the kitty too.