Sunday, November 21, 2010

Contemplating the Cannonball Read

I've signed up for the cannonball read this year for so many reasons. Because it looks fun, because I haven't read a book cover to cover since I got my new job, which is shameful, because I'd like to wake up this blog...

I have a stack of three new books beside me: The Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Strain, and Heat Wave. Heat Wave was purchased on a lark, and I'm honestly hoping for candy in book form. Plus, it's a mystery, and I don't often read mysteries. I'm thinking seriously of combining the cannonball read with the 10/10/10 challenge. Read 10 books in 10 months (I guess it was intended for the year 2010, but see no reason not to carry on) in genres and styles you don't usually read.

I also thought seriously about trying to read my way through this list, just for the lulz: Bodice Rippers: 21 of the Most Ridiculous Romance Novels...EVER. This includes such gems as The Very Virile Viking, Zombie Moon, and a romance novel in which in the main love interest is actually a dinosaur. A FUCKING DINOSAUR!

However, reading this list also revealed to me that Harlequin has an 'Accidental Dads' series, and that hurts my soul.

And that would mean that almost half of my cannonball read books would be absurd romance novels, and I'm pretty sure that would cause some lasting psychological harm.

I will, however, be making a little effort to read outside of my usual comfort zones.

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